How To Pass Jamb Once And For All

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Are you a jamb candidate? And this not your first time of writing jamb; don’t you worry, this article is for you.
JAMB is an examination body which is abbreviated. It stands for Joint Admission And Matriculation Board.

It is conducted every year in all the states in the Nigeria. Jamb is the only mode of getting admission in any Tertiary institution in Nigeria. As a matter of fact jamb has introduced a platform called Continuous Admission Processing System (CAPS).
Jamb was founded in the year 1978 with 100 candidates during the year. Up till date jamb as maintained it’s examination mode. The examination body is one of the best exam body which sets proper exam for it’s candidates annually.

Conducted annually, jamb has set the pace making a name worldwide for it’s standard mode of examination.
Now, we are moving into the main business that brought about writing of this article, we should go on right? Ok.
Before we ride on, read this thing below very carefully.

Jamb has a syllable where the topics of all the subjects for each courses are listed. The purpose for the syllable is to give candidate an insight on the area of concentration in the textbook for the exam.

Jamb syllable contain all the courses, their subject combination and at times their area of concentration.
This syllable will help candidates to focus on the topics listed and avoid reading only the topics they found interesting.

Jamb sets it’s standard questions which comes only in four subjects, having English as a compulsory. Each subject comes has 100 marks.

Other subjects has 50 questions with two marks attached to it except English which comes with 100 question with one mark each question. The examination comes in this way; e.g if you applied for medicine and surgery you should be expecting subject combination like;

1: Use of English
2: Chemistry
3: Biology
4: Physics

This mode of combinations goes same way for other courses with their various subjects combinations. This exam is straight forward but so many candidates fail to understand this.


Jamb sets not less than four subjects in the UTME exercise. Candidates are always advised to prepare before time in other to meet up with examination syllables which contains all the topics for each subject and courses.
If you really want to pass this exam once and for all keep on reading.
First of them all follow this steps below;

1: sketch your time table ( if time table works for you at all )
2: start on time
3: read with concentration
4: make provision for jotter (for jotting down important point)

Real Tips on how to pass your Jamb examination and get admission once


MEDIOCRITY : Mediocrity is a hookworm that chop off the visions of many candidates. Some just exempt themselves from the list of those who are going to be successful in the exam, may be due to they are not serious right from their secondary school and so they have missed a lot of basic knowledge required to tackle the beast confronting them.
DOUBTING SPIRIT : A lot of candidate has failed right from the exam hall even when they know the answer. They initiate this feeling of not been satisfy with the answer at hand.


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